Anti-tank gun

We present to you the most serious full metal paintball and airsoft cannon in the world.

It will deliver an unparalleled realism to your action games not only through its looks but just as equally by its usefulness in combat. Manual sliding breech block ejects spent shell casings. The scope enables precise target acquisition. Marking ammunition provides clear target hit identification with superior safety. Enemy vehicles and infantry will no longer pose a threat to your team.

Main features

End-to-end paintball weapon system
Authentic full-metal construction
Manual sliding breech block operation
Metal shell casings for quick and realistic loading cycle
Accurate and safe marking ammunition
Realistic elevation and traverse manual controls

Performance and options

Marking ammunition against fighting vehicles, fortifications and infantry*
Effective range: 50-140 meters (55-150 yards)
Practical rate of fire: 10 rpm
Split-trail carriage for maximal mobility and realistic looks

Tripod mount for fixed emplacements with 360°rotation
Turret-mounted version with elevation drive only

*infantry hits are handled via simulated kill radius of 3 meters (10 ft) around the impact point

Technical details

Caliber: 37 mm

Crew: 4 men (most efficient)

Weight/length: 280 kg/3800 mm (split-trail carriage)

Operating pressure: 10-14 bar

Efficiency: 160+ shots (out of 7 liter HPA bottle)

Construction: steel main body parts, plywood gun shield

Sales information

Price: €9,500 (split-trail carriage), each shot is €4.5

You will receive the weapon itself, a mount or carriage of your choice, a suitable HPA bottle with an output regulator and ammo boxes with ~30 shell casings. The initial gun assembly should take about three hours.


Shipping costs within EU and UK are included in the price. Overseas shipping costs upon inquiry.

Thanks to our cooperation with an experienced reenactment replicas manufacturer, we can now offer you accurate replicas of real guns - such as Pak 36 - with all the features of our universal anti-tank gun!

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