Sales information

Sales and costs

Universal anti-tank gun on the split-trail carriage – estimated €9.000

Pak 36 / M3 37mm – estimated €11.000 / €10.000

Flak 38 (full carriage) or 50mm Pak 38  – estimated €22.000

SdKfz 222 4x4 replica with a paintball 20mm Flak gun estimated €60.000


Each 37mm gun shot shot is €5.50. Shipping costs within EU and UK are included in the price.

Overseas shipping costs upon inquiry.

In the box

Our weapons are shipped complete and ready to use, semi-assembled and tested.


Anti-tank gun: you will receive the weapon itself, a mount or carriage of your choice, a suitable HPA bottle with an output regulator and ammo boxes with ~30 shell casings. The initial gun assembly should take no more than three hours.

Shipping and usage

We ship worldwide, discreetly packed and safely declared. 

You are responsible to get your gun approved on the games you are attending.

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