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Ammunition safety

While we keep the aesthetics of our ammo and weaponry authentic, we focus on its safety first and foremost

Due to the combination of soft and brittle materials, our ammunition is the safest one the market. Yet it is important to keep minimum shooting distance* when running at suggested pressures

Ammo comparison

Four different rounds of 36-38 mm diameter were compared: our marking shot, two different soft-polyurethane, non-marking shots, and a TAGinn Paladin round. Nerf Rocket has not been tested; yet its calculated values will be close to or exceeding the yellow shot.

All shots were fired at 12° elevation and hit the ground at roughly 120 m distance. Energy transfer has been verified by shooting in the brick of clay. Cavity depth has been measured. Results are provided both as measured and then normalized against a reference distance flown (we used 124 m). Only our shot and TAGinn Paladin are marking shots.

*We recommend 50 meters minimum shooting distance for our 37 mm shot. We test our ammo by shooting at a paintball mask and at a human from 2 meters on standard pressure/velocity to simulate accidental hits. Such shot doesn't crack or otherwise damage the paintball mask's plexi, and the hit mark on the skin usually disappears faster than the mark left by a paintball.

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