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February 2024

Is 75 mm your favorite caliber?

We have done some work on detailed calculations about bigger caliber systems. We have discovered it is not only feasible, but not too complicated at all. We can introduce even features such as semi-automatic breech and simulated recoil – pretty cool stuff! Your existing reenactment piece could get easily a few more capabilities.

KwK 40, Pak 40, IG 18 or M1 Pack howitzers, just name them. For instance, the range of the light IG 18 howitzer will be 300 m!

Let us know in case you're interested!

June 2022

Shot 37 mm.jpg
Our most advanced 37 mm shot

After some gradual improvements, we almost perfected our AT gun shots.

In the tip, there is a hollow space helping the energy dispersion as well as creating a distinct "pop" sound, which enables players to identify otherwise almost "silent" hits behind them. The main body has more weak points than before for better energy spread and less felt impact.

These improvement will be gradually applied to all our ammunition.

April 2022

M2 60 mm mortar is being created

After our successful light British mortar, we decided to make a step further.

US M2 mortar from WWII and Vietnam era is more than 3x heavier than the British one, but has almost double the range of 210 meters. It can shoot outside of visual range and its cyan-colored filling has suggested simulated kill radius 7 meters. Right now the major components are being made and this autumn you should see much more!

November 2021

Panzerwurfmine as your AT asset

PWM was a successful German hand-thrown anti-tank grenade that inspired similar development in the Soviet Union.

These simple but effective hand-thrown weapons were thrown in high arc at the enemy tank/vehicle and upon impact PWM penetrated up to 130 mm of armor. The expected range of our paintball version will be about 15 meters. We plan to finalize the PWM in the summer 2024!

September 2021

Successful defense mission

Even this year we were attending the European's largest magfed event with our AT gun.

One mission went so well for us that we gained 17 infantry kills and 3 vehicles destroyed! This shows the effectiveness of our anti-tank guns. There are still few things to improve in the area of efficiency and gun's sound signature (to be more realistic) but overall we had a blast!

April 2021

Creating new personal AT assets

Do you attend events with vehicles or hard-to-conquer bunkers?

Than you may be thrilled to own our panzerfaust 30k (Faustpatrone) or even a British PIAT! For the fist time, similar weapons will shoot the whole warhead against the enemy tank or a bunker, and mark it with an unmissable powder mark and cloud. We are starting with the Panzerfaust (klein) possessing 30 m effective range. Expected availability in autumn 2022.

December 2020

Paintball mortar team
Two new mortar videos

In the recent past we managed to film two staged mortar videos! Both contain our 2" ML mortar semi-replica.

The first one is just a shooting demonstration with British paras. The second one contains more background story and a new Pak 36 - a hyper-realistic future of our cannons. We won't compromise the realistic looks of our weapons in any way!

October 2020

Facebook page and ammo update

We are now running a Facebook page! We plan to share regular small updates and some technical tips.


Beside that, we overcome accuracy issues that were plaguing our mortar bombs and causing unexpected side leaning.

With 5 meter simulated kill radius our mortar ammunition is now deadly against point targets. And all of this with €5,5 in average per shot!

July 2020

_DSC5935 - Version 2.jpg
Paintball mortar almost finished!

Despite production related difficulties in COVID-19 times, we are now in the final stage of completing our mortar for our customer. Both mortar bombs as well as mortar body are almost finished.


You may expect first pictures as early as in August and release in September.

December 2019

Stalingrad sear.jpg
Defending Stalingrad

In early December we helped to defend a Russian city on the banks of the Volga river.


Although the terrain was quite unsuitable for any AT gun, we did our best nevertheless.

November 2019

2" paintball mortar in action
2" light paintball mortar project

Have you noticed how every single paintball mortar attempt in the past resulted in something that didn't work in paintball combat?

They were both cumbersome to use and utilized ineffective or even unsafe ammunition.

In few months, we are about to change that with our light paintball mortar project! It will be out in April 2020.

August 2019

paintball milsim game
Shooting at real armored vehicles

In late August we took a park on Vietnam war magfed scenario game!

Our main mission was to get rid of the enemy vehicles and except the last mission, we managed to eliminate the thread entirely.

Check out how we performed on Youtube!

July 2019

pak 36
Paintball replicas of WWII artillery

We have started cooperation with a an experienced manufacturer of realistic-looking reenactment replicas of armored cars, tanks and artillery pieces.


Combining their skilled manufacturing methods and our propulsion and paintball ammunition technology, we can now offer you a variety of paintball artillery pieces.

June 2019

paintball cannon after battle
On a D-Day with the AT gun

In June we brought our universal paintball anti-tank gun into the first public big-game. And it was an incredible event!

How did the gun perform? Check it out for yourself on Youtube!

Spring 2018

SEAR 2.png
First version of our website is out

In spring 2018 we launched the first version of our website.

The development of split-trail carriage for our universal paintball AT gun started few months later. In the meanwhile we were further improving our 37 mm ammo in terms of safety and ballistic performance, and took the unfinished gun on a smaller Stalingrad scenario game later that year.

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