Custom heavy weapons

Have you ever dreamt about having your own, unparalleled paintball heavy weapon? We can offer you the most realistic mortars, smaller AT weapons, and even AA guns featured for paintball games.

Our partner is experienced in making replicas of cannons, mortars, small anti-tank weapons, and armored vehicles for reenactment purposes. We make many adjustments during the manufacturing process to install our compressed air propulsion system. If needed, we develop a new caliber of our ammunition.

You may see some examples of paintball replica weapons we can make below. Our 2" light mortar has been a custom request of our client.

Anti-tank grenade

Anti-tank grenade made to resemple either German PanzerWurfMine (PWM) or Russian RPG-43 / RPG-6 grenades 

  • Hand-thrown

  • Effective range: ~13 meters

  • replaceable frontal part, the rest is reusable

Panzerfaust 30k (Faustpatrone)

Hand-held, close-range paintball AT weapon. It shoots the whole warhead. Simulated "backfire" is an option

  • Single-shot (needs to be recharged and warhead replaced)

  • Weight: ~4 kg

  • Effective range: 25+ meters

  • replaceable frontal part of the warhead, the rest is reusable

M2 60mm paintball mortar

Effective long-range company support weapon. No AT ability, but better simulated kill-radius distinguished by a different color

  • Effective range: ~200 meters

  • Weight: ~19 kg

  • Price: €5.500 estimated


Panzerbüchse 41

Originally a tapered-bore design (28/20 mm), in our hands the most affordable 20 mm paintball cannon.

  • Kill radius: 2.0 meters

  • Effective range: ~110 meters

  • Weight: ~130 kg

  • Price: €7.500 estimated

Flak 30/38 anti-aircraft cannon

Provides devastating firepower against both infantry and vehicles due to the high rate of fire (300 rpm)

  • Caliber: 20 mm

  • Effective range: ~120 meters

  • Feed type: fully automatic, 20-rounds magazines

  • Weight: ~350 kg

Armored vehicles

We can build realistic 4x4 replicas of light Soviet and German recon vehicles, that can be equipped with paintball MG or even 20 mm auto-cannon. Starting from €16.000 for BA-64 replica


  • BA-64 - Russian light AC equipped with a machine gun

  • SdKfz 221 - German recon vehicle with MG or sPzB 41 

  • SdKfz 222 - German recon vehicle with Flak 38

  • SdKfz 251 builds or even Sturmgeschütz III are possible

Although all the aforementioned guns and vehicles were already made by our partner (for reenactment only), we can develop other guns and vehicles' replicas from World War 2 for paintball and airsoft purposes. There is an option to make our guns work for both reenactment and paintball utilizing black powder blanks or compressed air and our safe marking shots - both modes could be switched within minutes.

Paintball artillery systems