2" Light Paintball Mortar

Help us finance new paintball mortar by purchasing one of the 8 pieces in our pre-sales campaign! Our know-how from the development of the AT gun will come to use.

Have you noticed how every single paintball mortar attempt in the past resulted in something that didn't work in paintball combat? They were both clumsy to use and utilized ineffective or unsafe ammunition.


Our future mortar will be - in case our pre-sale campaign is successful - heavily inspired by British SMBL 2" light mortar. We will not only get close to its looks, but we will copy its usage as well: lightweight, easy-to-use, zero deployment time, aimed-by-hand, short range bombardment of point targets.


Our light mortar and the ammunition is easily carried by a 2-men team. This team will provide priceless fire support against enemy infantry and act as a countermeasure to anti-tank guns. Our ammo highlights shell impacts with magenta powder cloud, which allows players to respect the kill radius.

We will leverage the propulsion and ammo technology from our existing anti-tank gun and shape new projectiles as mortar bombs

Main features

Construction and weight: all steel, ~6 kg

Crew and ammo loadout: 2 men, 30+ mortar bombs carried

HPA system: professionally manufactured and hydrotested stainless steel air chamber,
a regulator, high-pressure fittings, solenoid and safety valves

Extra safety: lightweight (~35 g), soft and fragile ammo, trigger fired, 

sensor preventing mortar discharge below 40° angle

Air source: standard air bottle with a remote line


Effective range: 85 m (90 yd)

Efficiency (48ci bottle): over 45 shots

Kill radius (simulated): 3 m (10 ft) against soft targets

Practical/maximal ROF: 8/15 rpm

Table comparing efficiency and combat abilities of our existing anti-tank gun and the future light mortar

Pre-sale conditions

Price: Mortar €2,350 / $2,650, each shot €5 / $5.5

We aim to gain funds from 8 pre-ordered mortars till the end of January 2020. These funds will enable us to develop not only the mortar, its HPA system with custom air chamber and electronics running on 9V batteries, but most importantly, ammunition. We will utilize ammo technology from our AT gun, make the projectiles look like mortar bombs, and prepare their small scale production requiring custom molds.

The development will take no longer than 10 months, and due to the product's small size, we will ship it and its ammunition worldwide for cheap.

By contributing to our pre-sale, you will not only make this product possible, but we guarantee the best price of mortar and its ammo (bound to pre-production mortar ownership) compared to later regular production pieces. If you are interested in supporting us and having your future mortar, please send us an e-mail. If we get 8 volunteers by the end of January 2020, we will ask you for funds transfer.

In the box: One 2" mortar, mortar bombs carriers for ~30 bombs, 50 mortar bombs. You need to supply your air bottle and standard paintball remote line. Shipping is included in the price.


Q: Why 2" and not a 60mm or 81mm mortar?

A: While we can build a safe 2" paintball mortar with relatively short range, making even 60mm mortar and mimic the usage of such mortars (better range than AT gun) would require double the range of a 2" mortar and heavier projectiles. We couldn't guarantee their safety with our current technology.

Q: I can build a paintball mortar for $300, why should I pay $2,600 for yours?

A: You can build a simple mortar from PVC very cheap; it will just never work as an effective weapon system due to poor ergonomics and the lack of suitable ammunition. Our light mortar - similarly to our
AT gun - will be a weapon capable of making a difference in the paintball battle.

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