Have you noticed how every single paintball mortar attempt in the past resulted in something that didn't work in paintball combat? They were both clumsy to use and utilized ineffective or unsafe ammunition.

Our mortar is inspired by the British ML 2" light mortar. We are not getting close to its looks, but we copied its usage as well: extremely portable, easy-to-use, zero deployment time, aimed-by-hand, short range bombardment of point targets. This project was a custom request of our client.

Our light mortar and its ammunition (32 bombs by default) are easily carried by a 2-men team. This team provides priceless fire support against enemy infantry and act as a countermeasure to anti-tank guns. Our ammo highlights shell impacts with magenta powder cloud, which allows players to respect the kill radius.

Main features

Construction and weight: all steel, 5.5 kg

Crew and ammo loadout: 2 men, 32 mortar bombs carried in 4 carriers

HPA system: professionally manufactured and hydrotested stainless steel air chamber,
a regulator, high-pressure fittings, safety valve

Extra safety: lightweight (42 g), soft and fragile ammo, trigger fired, 

sensor preventing mortar discharge below 35° angle

Air source: standard air bottle with a remote line


Effective range: up to 110 m (120 yards)

Efficiency (48ci bottle): over 30 shots

Kill radius (simulated): 3-5 m (10-15 ft)

Practical/maximal ROF: 7/12 rpm

Table comparing efficiency and combat abilities of our light anti-tank guns and light mortar

Sales Information

Price: estimated €2,650, each shot €4.5

In the box: One 2" mortar, 4 mortar bombs carriers for 32 bombs. You need to supply your air bottle and standard paintball remote line. Shipping within EU is included in the price.

2" Light Paintball Mortar

The first truly combat effective non-pyrotechnical paintball mortar

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