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Anti-tank guns

We present to you the most serious full metal paintball and airsoft cannons in the world.

They will deliver an unparalleled realism to your action games not only through their looks but just as equally by its usefulness in combat. Our AT guns are be based on high-quality reenactor replicas of WWII guns with a couple of standard features: manual sliding breech block ejects spent shell casings. Scope enables precise target acquisition. Marking ammunition provides unparalleled ballistics, clear target hit identification and superior safety. Enemy vehicles and infantry will no longer pose a threat to your team.

Univeral paintball anti-tank gun

Common Main Features

End-to-end paintball weapon system
Full-metal construction for authentic replica
Manual sliding breech block operation
Metal shell casings for quick and realistic loading cycle
Accurate and safe marking ammunition
Realistic elevation and traverse manual controls

Our original breakthrough 37 mm AT gun. We are now offering only full replicas for the same price


Pak 36 replica made by our partner. Any future AT gun you order from us for airsoft or paintball will be such an exact replica.

Performance and options

Marking ammunition against fighting vehicles, fortifications and infantry*
Effective range (37 mm caliber): 50-150 meters (55-160 yards)
Practical rate of fire: 10 rpm
Split-trail carriage for maximal mobility and realistic looks

Other mounts including turret mounting per request

*infantry hits are handled via simulated kill radius of suggested 5 meters around the impact point

Paintball 37 mm ammunition

Technical Details (for 37 mm AT gun)

Crew: 5 men

Weight/length: ~330 kg/~3800 mm (split-trail carriage)

Operating pressure: 10-15 bar

Efficiency: 120+ shots (out of 5 liter HPA bottle)

Construction: steel body and shield


Available Products and Price Information

Price of the 37 mm shot: €5.5

  • PAK 36 / US M3 / Bofors 37 mm / Czech KPUV vz. 37 / :  approx. €13.000

  • Soviet 45 mm M1937 / 7.5 cm le.IG 18 : approx. €15.000

  • 50 mm PAK 38 / Czech KPUV vz. 38 / Soviet 45 mm M1942: approx. €17.000

Please note that the above prices are ballparks only. We will provide detailed quote to serious buyers only and based on the requested features (such as simulated recoil).

In general, we can make AT, tank or a AA gun from 20 mm to about 90 mm caliber for paintball or airsoft with the range up to 200 meters for AT guns and 400+ meters for artillery. Calibers from 45 mm up will receive more advanced ammunition with greater range to compensate the more hefty weight and price.


Shipping costs within the EU and UK upon inquiry. US shipping and distribution for serious buyers only.

Another replica of our manufacturing partner - the Pak 40! We can adapt even such monsters to paintball with ~200 m range.

We can now offer you accurate replicas of other heavy weapons; from AT grenades and rifles, through mortars, AA guns to even armored cars. All of them with an exceptional performance in a battle.

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